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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 1, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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the presidentialelection. multista v v vg with a lot at ake.e. we'r'p live i washihington with thcandidates last-minyte effort b states seen as must wiwi toda >violent ray. chaos erupti at a donald trump event.& protesters disrupting t front-t-nnnn and a p photogrher gegeing slammededo the ground by a secret servi agent. > caught on camera. a driver leadingice on a a ld chase in a u-haul6 > and historic yrr space. astronaut scott kellyrepang forris return to earthftftft a a cord-breakg ssion. wewell,oo tsday morning. wewein w w` the busst d at the pol for the enirerimary ason. >> it is super tuesday.voters inn states a casng their ballots a a treure trov of delegatee are up for abs.s. hillary clinton isolding a
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poll. >on the republi side, a protott and affleerted at a dona trump rallys h trtres moreinsu trump soaredn a new pololl jumpi ahead ofis rivals mar rio an t cruz b b moror thahaha 30 ints. >> it'youruroi, your votot and whave liveeam coverere. lananaak s sndin b b in washinon, d.c. but we'll g g ststted with stephanie ramosho is inirgini where polls open this morning a 6:00 goododmorning, stephanie. >> r r rter: goomoing to you, kendis a ena. it i i sup tuesday and v otots can cact their ballots startrng at 6:00 thiss mornini in alexandrdr, virginia. as a a the close inn 12 states we cou effecvely have a nominee for both parties. superueay is herere the biggest vototg day off the year leading up to geral tion tersn a dozoz stesnd a u.s. terriry w wl go t t the polls todayay wh 1,610 delegatat at stake. hours beforehey open the
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and holding rallies tryingg t gr last-mute votes. >> l me be veryleo o e n and wom oftetexa i will t compromis theayayay - - >> reporte ted cruz hoping to win big in his home ststete talkin religious libert you know whaha they abo men with small nds. >> r rorter: h h barrage of inlts agaibit donald trump bsidg b ahe end o oo day but a trump ralallyn virgrgia, , nsion.n. >> get them out. >> reporte a large group of studt protesters marched out and as thehehe passed a phototrapher fromlml"tim" magazine thrown tohe groun by aecretervice agagt. the srere service now ininininating. i ion thinkmerica hasas evertopped being great.t. what we need to do now is me america whole. >> repororr: hillary clinton hoping to kee her lead over bernie sanders. >> now i it is timim f/f massachuses to lead the politicalrevoluluon. >epororter: but ad-raisin il fro clinton shows h h h
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targetinin gop f fnt-rne donald trump. the lateses n atatnallpolls showing 49%f republican voter wowowopport president trumump. re in virginiaia many more ters are expececd to turn o today, much more t tn the last time bothh peaeaeld presidential praries. kend andreena, back to yo >ive i alexandria, virginia, steph, thas such. nowohas really at stake today. e are key states ss for the democrats and republans. oreak i dn c's lana zak issive in washihiton. good morning. >> reporter: goodlmog. sgle candidate could w the nominininn today, ver, for donald trp and hillary % clinton, this could beheir opportunity toeaeay pl ahead. forrhe gop, the state to watch tes. ted cruz's home state where he has a slim lead in a recentt po. itthe bigge delege prize the day andxperts say it is a must w for cruz.
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forabs in t t tp.more than auarteromeromh xas and thererereany moror deleat s ske for thehe democratat 1, delegegesesre upors. bernie sanrs wl liky win hisste o&o vermont but a recent poll has clinton wit a a a slight lea i i i neighboring massachutts. for sandede to keeee this rice clcle he needs t wn the south but q o those, abama, ar a, georgi texas, tesee and virginia h havav gnicanlack populations, electorat in which clint has strong support. d if sanders conties to be beat badly in t sou as he wasshis pt weekendnd in south cacaliliwell, it willll be rtuallll impossibleff him enenoatch up to inn. reena, keisis >> a rit, a@lon day ahead for all seven presideial campaigns. wetuove on. the state department leased itsinalal batch of hillary clinton's e-mails wle she was secretataf st she's been under fire for ing a privatete e e-mai serve att
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or we rececved contain classified materialal none were marked cssified at the time which clintntn hasas rpeated ly reatedlylyitn h@fns e fbi isnvnvesesgaganghather yyysen. sta with abc new all d sup tueayvege. our lilical te willlee nit at 1010:00 easrn w wh thth latatt a and tomorrowow be s to tune in to "amica a is morng" for the results. let's take a l lk at the per tuesday weather. it cld impac the votingn march is definitely comong in like a lion. you can see the storm bringg avy snowhisorning to the upper midwest. >> as much as 6 6 inche expecteddd in wisconsin and michigan. although theorst shoul miss icago and det. well now to a wild chase and standoff in souththn cafofoia. drging onn or hours with chdren in the car. policeesponding t domest innt chased a driver in a huerosst lea three freeways in o onge county. the man's girlfrie and hiswo
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aestraiaing order finally released unharmedearlrlix hours aft t tordealstte e ststime u.s. or a a country a aitted this, t he pentagon ising cyberwpo agnst i is and steppppg uphe digitalwaare. e gold is to disrupt the ability sis mmunicate, cocorol its fcece a a manage nances. defense stary a carter ys it m m force thextxtmists use olderechnologies s at e e en easierr to disrupup is now jusus aatrr of hours until scoco kely leave thenternational space station fo eart he's bnn spapace for nearly a a ll year.( kelly handed o or ommand of ion to anotherronaut onn monday. w, later he andnd two rususan crew members will re a specft back to earth.h.. kelly says beingp there so long required a lot ohelp. >> spaceflight ishe biggest team sportrt there is and it's,, you know, incrediy i%iortant thatate all kogethehe to
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impopoible possible. >> kellylynd the russian will land tonign kazakhstst whenennso hououou kelllll quidergrg teses w with hinrother mark. they will gge the effect tha all that timence had on his body. >> theyere not e whetherer it willic weeksr m mths for him recuperate. apple winnng a major court case against t fbi. >> plus,reakininindo erin andrews in tea on t and. her emotional tesesmony tal about being secretly fi. caught oncamera.
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se in your neighborhoooo gas station.( a sttleus at the pumps on re. the e iver h noicic that i ovheheing and pulled in to gethelp. besides the bus, gas p pumps and largeehevronigig here innan frsco weredestrorod. one firefighter had minor juries. well a tee a ausus i thehe lalast school shooting will b inourtsss morninged wi2tg killlwo fellow students..& investigators s the -year-old opened fire ihe schohoafeterianp ddlen, oh. ttinstuden, two others hurt while tryinto run away. the school wch had practiced r exactly s such an eveve went into lockdown and theriri says he kws what' behind thth ooting b b he wouldn'ttlase details. bthe supreme court, gasps -from the audience aft justice arence thoma spoke. it's theirst tim@n tenrs that thomas has said anything duri an ol argument. the court and it@ wasn't just onequesti but a string of thehe in an exchangeehat lastederal mites. thomasd in the past tha hee
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n'tteed to ask quesesons. > well, a apple h won a legal victory in iatest battl ainst the gomememe a jge rulededpplele't be compelledededed helpp the f f t unlo an iphone i a narcotics casesend i i rulingn theudge said heound no mit onow far t gernmto t o, requir companies to violate@ eply h hdd amrican values. the justice departmentlanso appeal. >>well, tt ruling aso effect on the battle involving applpl andnd the fbi. en it c ces t u uocking t t hoho of o tan rnarno ists. apple' topopopyeilil testify beforereononess aut ttase today. he's e eeeted tontainn bpple's posision thaha creating ecial software to unlock thehe iphone wld endanger iphone userseverywhehe. > it is both a sesfk and a firsrs for lf-drivingcars. one of the gooe veclcl w was in annde sideswipin a ansit bus. e have beeee other accidents inin google's self-driving vehicl buthis airstne
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the mostommon si effffts are headache, na diarrhea, and vomiti. de effectsn lehydration,n, whish may causkikiey pblems.s. if youpill isnivgyou the corol yoneed ask yooctor about sulin . it's ceredmo helans. anuncement: thistorm promises toe the biggest of the decade.e. with total accumulatioioioof up tohreeeeeet. roads will be shut down indefinitely. and hohos arcl. mpbe'spsgrea with a cold a ce r ma f rea realife. tch is closeall for a fedex driver in soutrn louisisia during a powerful tornado.
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her rearview mirr and then ied d taksheltldedea hardwatouther loednd barricadewi sabagso drdrdr nd soda mae ts ste. ferhe tnado ala bustd e stor bubuthdedeivivne >>well, d ruinin re sere atr th morni from that same par oflouisiana upntil the aalachi ju w roads furerthhehey snowwaits irthernrnids mornin d theorern rockie another storm isisoving into t rthwest. >if you're flying, airport delays are likiest in chicago, detroit and mempmps. the virginia police ficer killedher fit day on patrol w wl be rembered day during funal services. >> last night dozens linedhe route asasshley guidid's body was taken from the funeralome e to the memorial chapel. an army rgeassd tohe nton has conss to kiinid wsh responc call a s hoe. "dancing with the stars"
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the witnesesstand during h lawsuit against nashville hotel. andrews was videota alker whe s washanging r lcththe h/t%l.a vt rain the wpeseshumiaternrhr scribed in court the moment she first saw it. >> yououououyoururury,y,y, i s s f t t tececdsdsnd i ias kekeke, thth i shut it wn. >> a awswsenenen t t ty y atat she becameme b b d d dtitialal for seseral montntntftererhe video went online. she wants $75 million fe hotel whwhh she saysysyse it easy for the stalker. as convicted and sererd 20 months in prison. the contversial contraceptive essure wilbe given the fda's most sious warning t it won't be pulled fromhe market. essure has drawn thoands of complaints fm women who said the pain and bleedinthey suffed was so severe, they required sgery to remove the device. the fda islso requiring manufacturer bayer tconduc
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d ne about another controversial pruct for women. the libido drug dyi, a new study finds that it on modestly increases sexual satisfaction. given the side effects they conclude the benefits takg it weren't wth it. aeteran hollywood character r as dd. george kennedy is best remembered for his suprting le in "cool hand luke"or which he won an oscar but the actor wain dozens of other jor films in his more than 5p-yeacareer and altugh he usually played aough guy, h% one ofheest like characters and actors hollywood. georgeennedy, a world war ii veteran,n,d of natatalauses 1. boy, this was certainly an adventure in moving near detroiti a hi-spe chasef an aly ststen uauvan ben on aintersteteighway th it noveveto l roads a a the chase contued even a aer the truck's tirereblewewut on obstacacs thth p pice had tually placed in the rds finalllla deputy b bgegeinto the vawith his squad car.
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driver was under arrest. word of a contract extension fotom brady has new england triots fan cering. reports indicate the 38-year-old quarterback has sign a two-year deal with the team.m. the extension is said to give the patrio significantlylyore room und t t nflfl salary cap. now, before the extension, bra was due to make about $15 miioiofor r e coming s s s s wewe, brady still hahaa couple of mo before gets back into action. > as for the guys who were in n highlights from espn. > 's stan. i'm neil. it's t teginning of the workweek. we'lbuild up our intensity as this goes on. >> cleveland cavaliers need to build up their intenty. they losthree four and bron james took a day off sunday. they got absolutely ashed in washington. that's whahaj.r. smith said. james feeding matthew dellavova there, and the cavs
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thompson, big shot there. frank vogel, the indiana coaoa wantedffense tfoow. di't g i cavalilis up by twtw george hill puts up the shot but check out thompsonith the big blk, so he contrutes at both ends of the court. cavaliers pumped up to get the win. it's cleveland, 100-96. 33or james. >> stan and i will play all five days this week. this is the thunder and kings and have to wonder what kind of bounce-back the thunder would have after getng bounced stephpjurry. i wawaat dave & buster's before he hit that shot. the place went nuts. westbrook went nuts in this game. he almost fooled around and had a triple-double by halftime, stan. got midway througthe third quarter. let's get a little demarcus cousins/steven adams thing going here. >> that could be explosive. >> cousins had 35. body scores points at home like cousins. >> he's gettg drug there. >> b it's all out scoring e most pois. ok at the steven adams look. when i retire i'm going for that
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chkkkkhighghghgh, sll we? e e i@tk uniforms hihi a late ot yes, the tceleleatinin they'y' king theheve w w thetate dedensive eaea >> okokok b@ t tre's onene second leftftft the t eam in whitete inboun the bll. the kid hits a layupnd the terrerhahae chaers wint with noime on thehehe clock. ittin't over till it's over. - they're the onescelebrati^g. so my people i v vas had the chargers goi thehe whole waay. all the bookies. >> bkies areren't always right, .sometitis yoyoave to for thee underdog niceobobgugu
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delegatessre at stake.dona trump has s surged too 49 in theh latest natiolpollll > hlary clinton haslso pulled f ahehead of bernini nders bututananrsrs managed to raisee$5 million yesterday alone and he's'sowing totay in t t race for t lonon . > andststronaut s kelly rererns s earth today after near a y yr longtay on b board theenternational space atn. hi r is eecteddoakak weeks if not months. ooking at t day's weather, severe storms in the south this morning. heavavn and snow laterern parts of the northeaststnd right w in nthern midwest. anher s srm system movovg into the pacacific northwhwt. well, fininly fm us,t's @ on tuesday butut whaha spececl earlyeeedition of "the funnies". >> the oscars areovov cleanup under wa di y knowhey m@makak the sing nominee stay after to clean
4:28 am
fantastic job hosting. in fact, his jjokok abohe all white o#o#osere so goo t academyyas already decided ty won'tt nominate anylackckeople %%%again xt yearn >> big upuptt was in t bes suppngngctor catetory.. lvester allone was heavily favored to win and instead the ard weneno thi man who i aigchoolisto ac i don't xknknow. chris rock sailackck act@ors should get rolhkee lnard dicacaes ye, t tn black a aors s the beararcenenerothe e vent" and id,e're good, you ow, actually. >> won his fir oscscar 22 yrs afafr his fir@st nominananini.. he was leo you h he any ia what it is like to w that f or something and hillary like, yes. >> this has beennong time comingor leo. he was first nominated for "whas ting gilbert grape" and 22 yearsrs lerer he final
4:29 am
posted a tweetonfusing whoopi goldbebe for oprah wfreyeyt the oscars.mix-up spapaed t t thatnott rph.h. raot oph. oprah, not oah oprah cobra bar of sapa deepak chopra doctor with a stethoscop stethoscera >> that was qui a mix-up. >> that was quitit mix-up indeed. >> that's what'sakakg news i
4:30 am
tuesday -- vote acrosos colorado w to e state's$caucus we'lve the latest o ohow candidates are trying t twin last mimute voters. i'll have your latest forecast we're learning new information about the alleged planned parentod shooter. whatne mental health expertrtad to ( sasaabout robert d dr's mental health. plus. pueblo district attorneyas an idea he says d r e city crime rate. whate wants tataayers to do... to pututore poli offers on t d seets. goododorning cololodono it's 4:30, tuesday march 1st. m jon kaoll.l. and i'm danaclemems.


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